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Maintain Your Business Reputation With 5-Star Reviews

Gather, respond, showcase and manage your reviews from multiple platforms in a Single Dashboard

Leveraging online reviews can be a powerful way to foster trust and build your brand's reputation, ultimately boosting business success.

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Maximius Your Business Reviews

Personalized review request campaigns

Send review requests to clients' lists via Email, WhatsApp, SMS. Or simply expose a QR Code in loco.

Review link to filter clients' experiences

Send happy clients to review on Google or other sites. Protect reputation from unhappy clients.

Social proof website widgets of all types

Automatically share best reviews on website's homepage to convert visitors into new customers.

Review posts for Instagram & FB

Generate and share posts for Instagram and Facebook with customers' reviews.

Import reviews from most used sites

Aggregate all reviews from +15 sites in one single dashboard. Get notified for every new review.

Quick replies directly from the platform

Reply to Google and Facebook reviews without leaving the platform. Soon with AI.

Review management made simple

Are you struggling to keep track of your business reviews scattered across multiple platforms? With Reviews, managing and responding to customer feedback is a breeze. Get the Unified view of all online reviews from Google Yelp TripAdvisor Facebook etc., in one single dashboard! 

This modern solution makes it easy for companies to build trust by monitoring their ratings – boosting growth with more satisfied customers than ever before.

Build trust in your business

Reviews are a powerful tool, building trust and credibility with both potential and existing customers. Not only that - they provide vital insight into how consumers perceive your business, so you can identify areas for improvement to ensure satisfaction at every stage of the customer journey. 

In this digital age where 91% of shoppers read reviews prior to purchase, leveraging their power is essential: good feedback has been proven time-and-again as an effective driver for boosting sales growth!

Increase Clicks, Calls & Website Visits

Struggling to increase website traffic and grow your business? Generating positive, authentic Google reviews can help you achieve those goals! These user-generated reviews will establish trust with potential customers while enhancing your standing on search engines. Start boosting growth today by collecting more customer feedback!

Request 100's of Reviews Today!

Increase your Google reviews in bulk by sending text messages to obtain more 5-star feedback from your own customers! The review request conversion rate for the average customer is 40%! Are you looking for additional evaluations? CastGlobe provides the tools you need.

Keep track of Your Performance

One dashboard to keep track of your online reputation, reviews, and rivals. From the Unified Reputation Management Dashboard, you may check on your monthly objectives as well as new evaluations and performance.

Increase your online exposure


Today's consumers rely on trust.
Improve customer conversion rates with on-page "social proof".

Showcase verified feedback & reviews to potential customers by adding an elegant showcase widget to your site.

✔️ Automatically show your latest reviews

✔️ Only show the best responses
We will guide your happy customers to review, share, tweet or complete your custom survey.
We route unhappy customers directly to you, avoid complaints getting posted on your online profile.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Which review sites are integrated with?
Our platform is revolutionizing customer engagement with seamless API integrations for major networks like Google and Facebook, as well numerous other platforms such Yelp, Tripadvisor and more. We're continually adding additional connections to expand your reach - from Booking & Airbnb through Agoda or Amazon; YellowPages & Hotels.com up to eBay; not forgetting OpenTable!
What does CastGlobe Reviews do?
With CastGlobe Reviews, it's never been simpler to keep tabs on your business' performance. Our tool brings all of your online reviews into one convenient dashboard, allowing you to view real-time customer feedback across multiple platforms like Google, TripAdvisor and Facebook. Compare ratings quickly and respond with ease - check out the power of CastGlobe now!
Why should i respond to reviews?
By Responding to Reviews provide a valuable benefit to your business: trust and credibility. They can also act as an invaluable window into what customers are thinking, giving you the chance to make meaningful changes that will improve their overall experience with your services or products.
Does this help me to deal with negative reveiws?
Yes, CastGlobe Reviews can help you take control of your online reputation. It quickly identifies any potential negative reviews so you're able to respond appropriately - even if the review is false or damaging, it gives you access to report them and request their removal from all major platforms..

Add Best Reviews on Your Website!

Including product reviews on your website enhances the company's trustworthiness. Use our Website Reviews Widget to display genuine client feedback on your websites and boost consumer confidence!

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